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wholesale businesses are a strong foundation of the Gebrüder Thiele-Group world-wide. Consumer products and construction supply form the core of the wholesale activities. The activities on the West Coast of the US include the supply of fastening systems and construction products since 1997. Further the business activities focus on wholesale distribution of imported wire rope, and rigging with outlets in California and the Pacific Northwest.

The Lord & Sons-Group, which includes Landmann Wire Rope Products, Inc. provide about 50 Million US $ in diversified fastening products which include intellectual property in fastening and customer oriented services ranging from engineering, build to spec products to construction site related services.
With about 140 staff members, over 5,000 customers and 17,000 different articles, the Lord & Sons-Group serves the markets of the Western United States and Hawaii with primary influence in the California market. Services include next to distribution and warehousing related functions the production of hardware built to customer spec in its own workshops. The locations include San Jose, Sacramento, Benicia, Hayward and Los Angeles, CA, Tacoma, WA,  Tekamah, NE, Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, NV and New Orleans, LA

Under the direction of a dynamic management the Lord & Sons-Group is ready and poised to serve the needs of the Construction markets and Wire Rope markets throughout the Western United States and to continue to expand the best products and services across the nation.


Number of employees: 109
Locations: 10 


la_wr  thumb_landmann wirerope


Earthbound is a specialised R&D company with focus in the seismic and structural fasteners industry.

The Earthbound Corporation that is located in Washington State offers amongst many other proprietary products the Earthbound System which is a complete solution for wood shrinkage and compression issues commonly plaguing wood-frame building design. The Earthbound System features the use of a patented structural connector called the Impasse Device. The Impasse Device is a self-adjusting, high strength structural connector that enables a wood frame building to shrink naturally as the wood dries while maintaining tight seismic and structural integrity. 
Earthbound Corporation focuses on advancing the Earthbound System and other future development of construction related products.


Number of employees: 10
Locations: 1


Carson Sales

Carson Sales, based in Phoenix, Arizona, with a second location in Las Vegas, Nevada is a strategic addition to the Lord & Sons family of businesses. The acquisition will extend Lord & Sons distribution capabilities and increase the company’s client base.

Lord & Sons will build upon Carson Sales customer and vendor relationships by maintaining its current business strategy. Carson Sales product and service offerings have been chosen by thousands of contractors throughout the region for over 40 years. In addition to its traditional brick and mortar locations, Carson Sales also operates, an E-commerce site dedicated to construction site safety equipment and training.

“The addition of Carson Sales to the Lord & Sons family is truly exciting,” said CEO Robert Bullock. “Carson Sales talent, locations and inventory complement Lord & Sons business and extend our ability to deliver the best products and services to our customers. This acquisition will continue to strengthen Lord & Sons as a leading provider of construction products and services”.

“This is a big day for our company; we look forward to scaling our growth as part of Lord & Sons,” said JV Carson, President of Carson Sales. “Lord & Sons customer and vendor relationships make it the ideal partner for Carson Sales. Our combined teams will create exciting growth opportunities for Carson Sales, our customers and our employees. We look forward to working with the Lord & Sons team to ensure a seamless transition.”

Founded in 1965 by James and Joyce Carson, the company vision was to combine the finest quality fasteners with the highest level of customer service. Carson Sales has established a reputation for providing a level of quality and integrity surpassed by none. Truly a family operation, son JV joined the company in 1972, son-in-law Mike Dassele in 1981 and daughter Judy in 1983. Founder James Carson remained with the company until his retirement in 1995.

First up for this newly created team is to convert Carson Sales over to the new Lord & Sons computer system as the first major step of integrating both organizations which will ultimately allow Carson Sales to go paperless. Everyone at Lord & Sons is excited about the future and welcomes the Carson Sales team to the GT Group!


Number of employees: 27
Locations: 2


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