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Consumer Products

The Gebrüder Thiele-Group has become a very strong player in BBQ and garden life since the 1970s and in the household industry since 1953. Various business activities focus on different product segments, different channels of distribution and different levels of the value added chain in this growing industry.

Activities in this segment include the Landmann-Group and manufacturing activities that complete the competence in this segment and allow a strong control over the value added chain in this industry.    




The beginning of this business segment goes back to 1966 when Bernd Hockemeyer bought 30,000 "original barbecues" on the hardware-show in Toronto to sell them in the German market. When his fellow wholesalers didn’t share his belief about the market potential of barbecues and was left to himself to market the products. In order to master this unexpected challenge he started a company named Landmann GmbH on September 20, 1966, the birthday of the Landmann-Group in Europe.

The 30,000 Canadian barbeques sold out in a heartbeat. Today the Landmann-Group is the market leader in the BBQ industry in Europe selling about 2.5 million grills annually to the majority of all existing retailers. The completion of the original product line with grill accessory items, fire starters, charcoal and charcoal briquette justify the statement that the Landmann-Group has become a one stop shop in the barbecue market.

From the very beginning the Landmann strategy included serving as many regional markets as possible in Europe. This has been accomplished with own setups in Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Hungary and distribution agencies in many other European countries.

The purchase of goods on the other hand focused outside Europe in a more global approach. Global sourcing is no foreign word for Landmann as its emphasis lies in the Far East, where own purchase organizations in Hong Kong, China and Vietnam are run successfully.


Number of employees: 150
Locations: 17

Elmar Jung Product Solutions

The Landmann-Peiga-Group pursues the strategy to grow by the acquisition of new product categories. This strategy has been pushed now through the acquisition of the majority interest of the Elmar Jung Product Solutions GmbH. The product range that is marketed under brand name “floraworld” contains 1,100 articles of garden products, garden equipment and further allied hardware store products.

In total the new product range subdivides in three basic segments: 1. Irrigation technique, 2. Plastic plant vessels and rain barrels, 3. “Power Tools”, e.g. motor and electric garden tools.

The business policy of Elmar Jung is mainly characterised by price attractiveness, high delivery reliability, high quality as well as the marketing of innovative products. 

Due to the overlapping markets we expect synergies on different levels including sourcing in Asia and South Europe and distribution in Europe in general to the benefit of our customers.

As a supplier of seasonal products for the outdoor area Elmar Jung Product Solutions GmbH fits very well the direction of the Landmann-Group. 


Number of employees: 130
Locations: 2

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Landmann in the US

In February of 2004, CPI changed its name to Landmann USA. This was the first of many changes that will play an important part in the future of Landmann USA, taking the company from a manufacturer of fireplace grates to a multi-dimensional manufacturer and distributor of outdoor leisure products and indoor fireplace equipment. Today Landmann USA sells approximately 85% of all fireplace grates sold in the US as well as fireplace tools, outdoor fireplaces, wicker furniture, benches and metal door mats.

One of the major strategies of Landmann USA is to diversify its product line. Introducing a complete line of charcoal grills was a natural way to accomplish this approach in many respects.
The continuous introduction of new products is part of the systematic approach to grow Landmann USA in the future.


Number of employees: 20
Locations: 1





To facilitate or to take over the product procurement and sourcing function for businesses in various industries in relevant regions in Asia is part of the strong international competence of the Gebrüder Thiele-Group. The internal control of the value added chain ranging from engineering, design to production and logistics for OEM products and consumer products ensures extremely efficient and low cost processes and enable sustainable competitiveness for our clients worldwide.

As a counterpart for companies that aim to extending their production to Asia the Gebrüder Thiele-Group offers complete solutions ranging from purely sourcing oriented activities to complete production relocations. Strong geographic sourcing competence supported with offices in China and Vietnam and a wide strategic vendor base that has been developed over a long period of time facilitate competitive solutions. The foundation of Merkur Holdings Ltd. in 2001 to bundle the sourcing activities of the Group strengthened its development further. 

Sourcing expertise exists for metal and plastic production processes and covers areas such as product design, engineering, cost engineering, production control, quality insurance, quality control and logistics.  

The possibility to integrate our service oriented sourcing organizations with our production facilities creates further advantages including market transparency and intelligence, cost leadership through internal and external benchmarking and total process control



Landmann Asia Pacific
The business started in a small office in Mongkok, Hong Kong by sourcing products from Taiwanese and Chinese factories, to sell them to Europe and the US. At the beginning of the 80s, Landmann started its first investment in China – a joint venture cast iron factory named “Goldland” in Gao Zhou (South of Guangdong province), and ended when the total cost of production and transportation were no longer competitive.

Landmann is active in the procurement of OEM products and consumer goods for its customers. The services of Landmann cover product development, product design, attendance of production processes, quality assurance and control as well as logistics. With 6 strategic business units Landmann covers Gas Grills, Charcoal Grills, Smokers, Fireplaces, Parts & Accessories as well as OEM.

Over the years, Landmann has successfully:

• manufactured critical parts and components to lower the customers’ cost of  

• moved the production base of its customers to the Far East by competing with the
   overseas direct import suppliers successfully

• realized an environment of short turnaround time from product design via production
   to reliable delivery

• designed new products for customers that are successful in the market

The Landmann Group with its 120 experienced employees in Guangzhou, Macao and Cartersville is a strategic partner to its customers worldwide already today and strengthens this position continuously with strong manufacturer alliances in Southeast Asia.


Number of employees: 80
Locations: 3
  Landmann Limited-MCO 

After two years of feasibility studies and planning, Gebrüder Thiele-Group has opened its new transaction and processing center for trade related services in Macao during the first quarter of 2006. This step is seen as an alternative to Hong Kong, and as part of the Gebrüder Thiele globalization initiative due to the growing needs of inexpensive and efficient handling of sales and associated services of customers word-wide.

The establishment of Landmann Limited-MCO was officially approved by the Macao government on February 3, 2006. As the rent, labor, and the total cost of operation are significantly lower than those of Hong Kong, it is expected that the Macao office will provide incremental cost savings that could be an additional competitive advantage to the high volume thin margin part of the group business.

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